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Accepting bookings with children is at our discretion. Parents are responsible for their children and must be aware, that we do have friendly big dogs and an unsecured duck pond and a large earth dam!

Accepting bookings with pets is at our discretion

Dog Etiquette
We know that your dog is well behaved and does not jump on beds or mark his territory over our resident dogs…. But there are some restrictions to please obey.
a   your bundle of joy has to stay away from the manor house and swimming pool
b   walking for his/her business with leach only at allocated area beyond the fence line.
c   do not bring traumatized rescue dogs and excessive barkers
d   our pets “Einstein”(St.Bernard),“China”(Boerbull),“Crystal”(Husky) have all-rights
e   No shortening or cancellation of bookings because the dogs don’t tolerate each other
f    there is a very good dog kennel directly next door Tel: Michelle 072 345 4412
g   our trusted Veterinarian are at the Wellington Animal Hospital Tel: 21-8731196
h   no dogs are allowed near the bird cages and aviary   
i    we cannot lock our dogs away for yours to roam
j    the R200 per dog per stay is for stay not damage
k   do not allow our dogs into your room and don’t feed them without our permission.
l    it is one pet per room booked, accepting bookings with pets is at our discretion

We advised you to read these “pet rules”. You are responsible for your pet and have to pay for damages, if any.
Guests who assured us of the soft nature of their pets have broken all of the above rules, that’s why we put them in writing.
You and your pet are welcome  


For our disabled guests: please make sure, that you are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of our facilities so you can really enjoy your stay.

As a farm guesthouse, our access is via a 800 meter brick paved road and tractors, animals or farm folk may be encountered. Please drive carefully. Almost all of our buildings have thatched roofs and restored rustic doors and windows, which don't close as perfectly as modern ones. During harvest time January till April the farm wakes up early and tractors may be busy.

Cancellation fee is a percentage of full accommodation account
60 to 15 days prior to arrival 50%
15 to 8 days prior to arrival 75%
7 to 0 days prior to arrival 100%

GPS: 33°38'811" S 19°02'531" E
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